Willie Wells

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American Athlete born on August 10, 1906, died on January 22, 1989

Willie James Wells, nicknamed "The Devil", was an American baseball player. He was a shortstop who played from 1924-48 for various teams in the Negro leagues and in Latin America. He is a member of the baseball halls of fame in the United States, Cuba and Mexico... (source)

Ignorance is pitiful! If you are ignorant and stupid, you are sick - white, black, green, I don't care. view quote

I was branded a Negro in the States and had to act accordingly. They wouldn't even give me a chance in the big leagues because I was a Negro, yet they accepted every other nationality under the sun. view quote

One of the main reasons I came back to Mexico is because I've found freedom and democracy here, something I never found in the United States. view quote

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