96Waris Ahluwalia Quotes

American Designer born on December 29, 1974,

Waris Ahluwalia is an Indian American designer and actor based in New York City. His company, House of Waris, has collaborated with a number of other designers and artists throughout the years. House of Waris came into being after the owners of Maxfield's in Los Angeles noticed Ahluwalia's elaborate diamond rings and placed an order, which sold out... (source)

I'm a traditionalist with suits. It doesn't need extra pockets, and I don't want headphone jacks in my jacket. I appreciate designers who do different things, but for me, the most basic version of that item is what I want. view quote

I always like a good song: puts me in a good mood. view quote

Hold the door for a lady. Wait until a lady is out of the elevator. view quote

I just want to create, and socializing is part of the experience. It might sound crazy, but I don't see myself in the jewelry business. It's an experience. view quote

I work with gold that holds history, diamonds that see the future, and rubies that long for love. view quote

I love my passport. I plan trips very last minute, so I always carry it with me. view quote

I like the pause that tea allows. view quote

I do things because I enjoy it. That used to be my downfall, but now it's the upside. view quote

People who know me know that there's a light-hearted side, humour... But you could easily say I am cheeky. view quote

I don't think men get enough flowers. A deeper pink or red peonies are my favorite. But I'll take anything, really. view quote

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