12Steve Huffman Quotes

American Businessman born on November 12, 1983,

Steve Huffman is an American web developer and both the co-founder and CEO of the social networking website Reddit. More recently, he co-founded the airfare search site Hipmunk... (source)

I'm rarely in a position where I can actually answer my phone without being rude to someone else. Sometimes I look back and realize it's been weeks since I've actually been alone. With texting, I can at least get a sense of what's going on without interrupting what I'm doing. view quote

I could go on a long rant about how much I despise e-mail. I wish it was more socially acceptable to ignore people. view quote

I use the traditional phone noise that's built into iOS. I like an actual ringing sound. view quote

The day I woke up and Reddit was working on its own was just the most incredible feeling. view quote

I use the default iOS calendar app. I've tried others, but it's my favorite, and I can't live without it. If it's not on my calendar, I'm not aware of it, whatever it is. view quote

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