Ronnie Spector 39 Ronnie Spector Quotes American Musician born on August 10, 1943,

But I don't really like to discuss Phil anymore. view quote

I see the Ricky Martin thing, and everything is like, just packaged for this moment. Where are they going to be 10 years, 20 years from now? view quote

No one has their own identity like the Ronettes did back in the day. view quote

The people need to feel the music. view quote

Today, they're just up there for the money, just packaged and be gone. view quote

Stage performing is a dying art form. view quote

Well, first of all, they're all about the music and all I care about in my professional career is the music. view quote

Every act I see, their whole act is choreographed. I'm sick of seeing these dancers. The only reason they have them is they don't have enough talent to get people dancing themselves. view quote

I mean, Janet Jackson? She's like Michael Jackson with hair. view quote

I never tried to kill myself or anything. view quote

Kill Rock Stars allowed me to put out a real genuine rock 'n' roll record. view quote

I have three adopted children with Phil, and for years I was fighting in court with him over being able to see my kids. I was always going back and forth to California, going to court, and I was never able to get a project going. view quote

When I do a concert and people put their hands in the air, they're doing it on their own. view quote

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