13Narciso Rodriguez Quotes

American Designer born on January 27, 1961,

Narciso Rodriguez is an American fashion designer... (source)

Once winter sets in I must have the sun and warmth. I need to be in the sun - I'm a true island baby. view quote

No scent is more sensual or more memorable to me than musk. view quote

Latin men love Latin women, it is part of the culture, we celebrate women in a very special way and I think that is present in my work. I do it by making them beautiful, sensual. view quote

Because I'm so hands on here at work and always looking at fabrics you have to be mobile and as comfortable as possible. view quote

My personal style is relaxed. view quote

You may grow very quickly the first two years and then watch the business decline, unless you really start selling product at any price range with various degrees of quality. view quote

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