Mark Twain 351 Mark Twain Quotes American Author born on November 30, 1835, died on April 21, 1910

Truth is the most valuable thing we have. Let us economize it. view quote

He is now rising from affluence to poverty. view quote

In 'Huckleberry Finn,' I have drawn Tom Blankenship exactly as he was. He was ignorant, unwashed, insufficiently fed; but he had as good a heart as ever any boy had. view quote

Prophesy is a good line of business, but it is full of risks. view quote

Often it does seem such a pity that Noah and his party did not miss the boat. view quote

A round man cannot be expected to fit in a square hole right away. He must have time to modify his shape. view quote

The finest clothing made is a person's own skin, but, of course, society demands something more than this. view quote

Only kings, presidents, editors, and people with tapeworms have the right to use the editorial 'we.' view quote

To be good is noble; but to show others how to be good is nobler and no trouble. view quote

I am an old man and have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened. view quote

She was not quite what you would call refined. She was not quite what you would call unrefined. She was the kind of person that keeps a parrot. view quote

A person with a new idea is a crank until the idea succeeds. view quote

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