Marilyn Monroe 314 Marilyn Monroe Quotes American Actress born on June 01, 1926, died on August 05, 1962

Men are so willing to respect anything that bores them. view quote

Girdles and wire stays should have never been invented. No man wants to hug a padded bird cage. view quote

I've never dropped anyone I believed in. view quote

Creativity has got to start with humanity and when you're a human being, you feel, you suffer. You're gay, you're sick, you're nervous or whatever. view quote

The thing I want more than anything else? I want to have children. I used to feel for every child I had, I would adopt another. view quote

I once wanted to prove myself by being a great actress. Now I want to prove that I'm a person. Then maybe I'll be a great actress. view quote

I love a natural look in pictures. view quote

I don't consider myself an intellectual. And this is not one of my aims. But I admire intellectual people. view quote

Like any creative human being, I would like a bit more control so that it would be a little easier for me when the director says, 'One tear, right now,' that one tear would pop out. view quote

A man has a tendency to accept you the way you are, while most women immediately start to pick flaws and want to change you. view quote

I don't want to make money, I just want to be wonderful. view quote

If there is only one thing in my life that I am proud of, it's that I've never been a kept woman. view quote

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