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American Actor born on August 10, 1990,

Lucas Daniel Till is an American actor. He began acting in the early 1990s starting at a young age, and has since appeared in a number of films and television parts, including roles on House, Hannah Montana: The Movie, X-Men: First Class and X-Men: Days of Future Past. Till also starred in the music video for Taylor Swift's song, "You Belong with Me". Till starred in the recent 2015 film, Bravetown, opposite Josh Duhamel... (source)

I'm a huge video gamer, sometimes a little too much. I'll shut myself in my room just so I can play video games all day and I end up neglecting my friends. view quote

If you had known me in middle school, I was definitely not what someone would think of as Brad Pitt. That was not me. I was kind of a dork. view quote

Aren't people supposed to do movies so that they can get girls? view quote

Hard work always wins in the end. view quote

I hate the amount of communication, the obligation that you have just by owning a phone. view quote

I have a lot of respect for people with a lot of talent. view quote

Emily Osment has 'osteo-old-woman-itis.' She can't lift weights or do physical activity but ride her bike and do yoga. view quote

'Crush' was my first number one on the call sheet. view quote

We all grew up with Chevy Chase and Bill Murray. view quote

I always love to do my own stunts when they let me, right? view quote

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