783 Leadership Quotes

He's a novice, but he's had these - he's experienced in leadership in tight circumstances. He started - he dropped the first bomb, led the first air strike into North Vietnam. view quote

I think for leadership positions, emotional intelligence is more important than cognitive intelligence. People with emotional intelligence usually have a lot of cognitive intelligence, but that's not always true the other way around. view quote

What helps people, helps business. view quote

I don't want to over generalize, but I believe that women are typically drawn to leadership styles that focus on consensus building, effective listening and working in teams. That's certainly been my leadership style, and I think it's been very successful. view quote

Because of the president's leadership, every American will have access to affordable, quality health care. view quote

My observation is that women are merely waiting for their husbands to assume leadership. view quote

We design our own programmes; we take leadership. Of course the donors come in to support us, to complement our efforts. Our responsibility to the donors is about accountability: about how we use that money. If somebody gives you his money, definitely he will be interested in knowing how you spend the money. view quote

Even after such milestones as Kathryn Bigelow winning an Oscar, there still seem to be few women in leadership roles. view quote

Real leadership is leaders recognizing that they serve the people that they lead. view quote

A leader is a dealer in hope. view quote

They said it was impossible to touch the third rail of politics, to take on public-sector unions and to reform a pension and health benefits system that was headed to bankruptcy. But with bipartisan leadership, we saved taxpayers $132 billion dollars over 30 years and saved retirees their pensions. We did it. view quote

Leadership is a privilege to better the lives of others. It is not an opportunity to satisfy personal greed. view quote