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Australian Actor born on June 13, 1996,

Kodi Smit-McPhee is an Australian actor. He is best known for his roles as The Boy in The Road, Owen in Let Me In, Norman Babcock in ParaNorman and Alexander in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes... (source)

Vampires used to be like Dracula, and now they're young teenage kids, so yeah, I like that. view quote

I like animation: you can go to work in your pyjamas. view quote

I'm always working with amazing people. They're just kind of put in my path. view quote

I think I've been good at getting into lonely and troubled characters because, not to brag, but I'm the complete opposite in real life. view quote

When I know I'm not doing any auditions, I go to the skate park on my scooter or my bike. view quote

It's kind of a Peter Pan thing: I want to stay a kid. I love it. But I guess you have to grow up someday. Everybody does. view quote

I like everything from hard-style techno to rock n' roll. view quote

The most important thing I have learned from the people I've worked with is that you have to love what you do. That passion will drive you anywhere you want to go. view quote

In Australia, I can just say to my mom, 'I'm going down the street.' And I can walk around pretty much all the places I know. view quote

I'd really like to work with Johnny Depp: he seems like a really cool guy; he can do a lot of different things. view quote

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