Karl Ferdinand Braun

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German Physicist born on June 06, 1850, died on April 20, 1918

Karl Ferdinand Braun was a German inventor, physicist and Nobel laureate in physics. Braun contributed significantly to the development of radio and television technology : he shared with Guglielmo Marconi the 1909 Nobel Prize in Physics... (source)

Elementary considerations led me to the conclusion that a medium, composed of layers of different dielectric constants, must behave as a uniaxial crystal if it is assumed that the layer thicknesses are only a fraction of a wave-length. view quote

Considering the greater amounts of energy which can be collected and stored in suitable experimental form in capacitors, one could expect to deliver radiated energy for some time from them. view quote

In the summer of 1902, I was able to erect two experimental stations on two forts at Strasbourg for the purpose of closer study. view quote

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