Karen Mills 66 Karen Mills Quotes American Public Servant born on September 14, 1953,

In October 2008, when the credit crunch hit, small businesses were really crushed by the lack of capital. view quote

Small businesses have told us that having cash in their pocket is one of the primary things that they need. view quote

Small businesses want things streamlined, and one of the great successes we're having is less paperwork, faster turnaround times. view quote

We've gotten tremendous support. Everybody now understands how critical it is to help small businesses get out of this recession and into recovery. view quote

President Obama vowed in his State of the Union address to make assisting domestic manufacturers a top priority for his second term. view quote

The morale when I came in was not the best. It was because the agency had not been valued. view quote

Small businesses are really the engine in the economy. view quote

The S.B.A. does not lend directly to businesses, but instead backs loans to encourage banks to invest in small businesses as part of a nearly $90 billion portfolio. view quote

The 2009 stimulus law got the ball rolling, allowing the agency to reduce and eliminate fees and raise loan guarantees to 90 percent of the total. I knew that we had the opportunity to use S.B.A. products to fill that gap in a rapid manner, as we ended up doing in the Recovery Act. view quote

After four years as Administrator of the SBA, I have let President Obama know that I will not be staying for a second term. I will stay on until my successor is confirmed to ensure a smooth and seamless transition. view quote

We really accomplished what we set out to do with the Recovery Act programs, which was to fill the lending gap created by the crisis. view quote

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