John Hockenberry

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American Journalist born on June 04, 1956,

John Charles Hockenberry is an American journalist and author. A four-time Emmy Award winner and three-time Peabody Award winner, Hockenberry has worked in media since 1980... (source)

Design is the courage and brilliance to cover an original and make it different. view quote

The media doesn't need a conscience; people need consciences. view quote

An object imbued with intent - it has power, it's treasure, we're drawn to it. An object devoid of intent - it's random, it's imitative, it repels us. It's like a piece of junk mail to be thrown away. view quote

I think every journalist understands when they are the beneficiary of hot information that, yes, they have a scoop, but they're also being used. Part of your responsibility as a journalist is to tell the story of why that information is coming to you, consistent with the ground rules of your sourcing. view quote

I think everybody in news understands that the audience that watches for more than an hour is not your target audience - because those people are on life support. view quote

In general, I think very few people have a sustained interest in news. view quote

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