James Dean 29 James Dean Quotes Actor born on February 08, 1931, died on September 30, 1955

To my way of thinking, an actor's course is set even before he's out of the cradle. view quote

The only greatness for man is immortality. view quote

But you can't show some far off idyllic conception of behavior if you want the kids to come and see the picture. You've got to show what it's really like, and try to reach them on their own grounds. view quote

To me, acting is the most logical way for people's neuroses to manifest themselves, in this great need we all have to express ourselves. view quote

I think the one thing this picture shows that's new is the psychological disproportion of the kids' demands on the parents. Parents are often at fault, but the kids have some work to do, too. view quote

I want to be a Texan 24 hours a day. view quote

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