79Good Art Quotes

Good art is art that allows you to enter it from a variety of angles and to emerge with a variety of views. view quote

The beginning of a friendship, the fact that two people out of the thousands around them can meet and connect and become friends, seems like a kind of magic to me. But maintaining a friendship requires work. I don't mean that as a bad thing. Good art requires work as well. view quote

Animation is tremendously resilient. Animation will recover, as art always recovers. There's always cycles of good art. view quote

As an artist, you want to make good stories and create good art; as a businessman, you want to make money and make sure the investors are happy. The two will always clash, unfortunately. view quote

Good art provides people with a vocabulary about things they can't articulate. view quote

I feel that all good art is powerful and simple. view quote

I think good art does come from a dark place. view quote

I like connecting with people, and that's what good art is: a point of connection. There's nothing better, on stage or on film. view quote

If it's good art, it's good. view quote

I think TV promulgates the idea that good art is just art which makes people like and depend on the vehicle that brings them the art. view quote