783 Friendship Quotes

The friendship of Shostakovich cast a brilliant light over my whole life and whose spiritual qualities captured my soul once and for all time. view quote

I think the way to keep a friendship is to respect that everybody is different. view quote

Love is flower like; Friendship is like a sheltering tree. view quote

Many a person has held close, throughout their entire lives, two friends that always remained strange to one another, because one of them attracted by virtue of similarity, the other by difference. view quote

A man's friendships are one of the best measures of his worth. view quote

Friendship is but another name for an alliance with the follies and the misfortunes of others. Our own share of miseries is sufficient: why enter then as volunteers into those of another? view quote

Friends are the best to turn to when you're having a rough day. view quote

I'm quite obsessed with the idea of nailing the girl friendship. It's such an art, so delicate. view quote

Aristotle uses a mother's love for her child as the prime example of love or friendship. view quote

The steady discipline of intimate friendship with Jesus results in men becoming like Him. view quote

Friendship is something that creates equality and mutuality, not a reward for finding equality or a way of intensifying existing mutuality. view quote

Lay this unto your breast: Old friends, like old swords, still are trusted best. view quote