Daryl Hall 171 Daryl Hall Quotes American Musician born on October 11, 1946,

I'm not a big fan of any video, especially my own. In a word, I hated the Hall & Oates videos. view quote

I knew that I would be making music for my whole life; as far as how many people respond to it, you can't plan for that. view quote

I'm used to the egos in the 1960s, '70s and '80s where people just expected massive success and thought it was their birth right to be successful. view quote

I'm very enthused about everything. I have a lot to say and a lot of things I'm interested in. view quote

I've been traveling around the world forever. view quote

The Internet allows me to be more free. view quote

The Philadelphia/New York world of the music business is a tough place to be. view quote

The song 'Laughing Down Crying' is not a typical Daryl song. view quote

What I do isn't black music; it's just my music. view quote

My fan base is really expanding into an inter-generational thing - it's what every artist probably hopes for. view quote

I'm quite an eclectic musician. view quote

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