Daryl Hall 171 Daryl Hall Quotes American Musician born on October 11, 1946,

I hear a lot of people singing in funny voices and singing like they're stupid. Singing in a deliberately fey and dumb and childish way. And I find it to be a disturbing trend. view quote

As a singer, I float around. I'm kind of scatty, bouncing around a lot. I try to adapt to what's going on around me in the song and the arrangement. view quote

I returned to upstate NY where I just laid in bed for days with a fever that just wouldn't go away. After more of this, I grew increasingly sure that this was not simply the flu! view quote

I have to say I have never been comfortable with somebody else telling me what to do - in any way. view quote

I don't like showboating. I was never a fan of showing off. view quote

I do a project, and then I move on. view quote

I never felt entitled to anything. I'm the hardest worker I know. view quote

I think Philadelphia has been underrated over the years as a musical region. view quote

I've got a sense of humor. I'm a funny guy. view quote

If Paul McCartney tells me that so-and-so song is his favorite song, what do I care? What do I care what anybody else says? view quote

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