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British Actor born on July 11, 1964,

Craig Joseph Charles is a British actor, comedian, author, poet, television presenter and DJ. He is best known for playing Dave Lister in the science fiction sitcom Red Dwarf and Lloyd Mullaney in the soap opera Coronation Street, and as a funk and soul DJ... (source)

Prison widens your circle of friends. In my stand-up, I can now talk about things that no one else has the right to touch. view quote

It's evolve or die, really, you have to evolve, you have to move on otherwise it just becomes stagnant. view quote

Coming from having absolutely nothing to having a few grand in the bank, it was a big culture leap. I think that's why I went off the rails a bit really, 'cause there was no training for it. They didn't do fame in schools. view quote

My life has been, I suppose, the most incredible series of highs and lows. view quote

I have a stepladder. It's a very nice stepladder but it's sad that I never knew my real ladder. view quote

There was never any career plan. When 'Red Dwarf' started I thought we were doing a curious little sitcom on BBC2, I didn't think I was becoming an actor. I didn't see that 21 years later I'd still be talking about it, let alone filming a new one. For me everything's always been an accident. view quote

I'm busy and that's the way I like it - when I have too much downtime I get into trouble. view quote

I've been very lucky, this is my 30th year on TV. view quote

For me, everything has always been an accident. view quote

You've got to take the positives. view quote

Critics called me 'egregious' - I had to look that one up - and 'creepy', but now I don't read them, I weigh them. view quote

The inventory process and stepping back in your life can sometimes be a very dark process. But it also can be extremely funny and surprising. view quote

We were the only black family in an estate with 1,000 white families. Liverpool being quite racist in the Sixties, it was a bit grim growing up. view quote

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